Monsieur Gateaux

French Patisseries at Hornsey

Each order is made on request

100% handmade

Registered home business

Who is Monsieur Gateaux?

Julien Lantz

Monsieur Gateaux

Hello ! And welcome ! Here Monsieur Gateaux ! My real name is Julien, I'm french and I'm doing french pâtisseries! Surprising isn't it?

In England since 2015, I decided to launch my small business with my pâtisseries! If you would like to learn a bit more about me, click here....

Everything is done by myself.  I'm very focused on the quality, the visual and the taste of my products.

I do my best to provide the best desserts with goods ingredients and a cool design.

I use only quality ingredients with no chimic ad-ons. Only what you know : flour, eggs, sugar, etc...

For each pâtisserie you'll see the ingredients that I'm using. I think it's gonna helps if you have allergies. So don't worry, relax and enjoy a small part of France!

At this time, because I have a second job, I'm working with fews collection days per month only. My goal is to be able to offer more collection days and more collection points in the future*. And maybe even a delivery service.

Thank by advance for your support and your goods vibes!

Bon appétit! 😋

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*If you have a shop in the neighborhood and if you are interested in becoming a Monsieur Gateaux collection point, contact me!